Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing supports the active and healthy ageing of ageing population in the long term and promotes new, safe and healthy interferences. In this purpose, by supporting the multidisciplinary scientific research in life sciences and health area, it will empower process of diagnostic and treatment, develop an ICT based solutions to ageing population and make more effective health care services.  It uses Information and Communication Technologies, Food, Environment, Security and Social Sciences for innovative technologies.

Research & Innovation supported by this call will:

  • improve our understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying health, healthy ageing and disease;
  • improve our ability to monitor health and to prevent, detect, treat and manage disease;
  • support older persons to remain active and healthy;
  • and test and demonstrate new models and tools for health and care delivery.

In this area, 2016-2017 Work Programme correlates with 2014-2015 Work Programme. While the focused area was ‘Personalising Health and Care’ in 2014-2015, it is ‘Personalised Medicine’ in 2016-2017.

Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing is composed of seven primary topics:

  • Understanding health, well-being and disease
  • Preventing disease
  • Treating and managing diseases
  • Active ageing and self-management of health
  • Methods and data
  • Health care provision and integrated care

Total budget : 7.4 Billion Euro