FET Flagship instrument and its first two projects Human Brain and Graphene projects have been evaluated by a panel of high-level experts. The Flagship instrument has increased investments in Research and Innovation. Both Flagships are demonstrating that they are contributing towards excellent science, although there are differences between the two. The high-level expert group recommendation are as follows:

  • The continuing strategic relevance of the Flagship instrument for Europe’s research and innovation is confirmed, with a strong endorsement of the thinking underlying the Flagship concept... It is thus recommended that the Flagship initiative be continued, and new Flagships launched in fields where the concept is relevant.
  • Increase clarity of purpose and differentiation between the Flagships and other research instruments.
  • Establish a standard means of assessing the Flagships based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that fully reflect purpose.
  • Improve operational management to enhance the budget flexibility and reduce administrative overhead.
  • Improve strategic management to enhance openness of the Flagships towards adopting new directions.
  • Improve coherence with other Horizon 2020 activities.
  • Improve the process of selecting Flagships.
  • Improve engagement with national initiatives.

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